Who We Are

Several years ago, two great fans of homeopathy left Belgium and decided to relocate to North America, more specifically in Quebec. Eager to share their passion for this therapeutic and “dynamic” approach, they founded the Homeodel laboratory in Charlesbourg, near Quebec City. Soon after, a small team, joined together with solidarity and passion for a job well done, was created around the two pharmacist homeopaths founders. The Homeodel artisans then set to work! As it is indeed an art… The personal involvement of each member of the team, their sense of responsibility and the care that they provide in the preparation of the remedies ensures superior energy. Our goal is excellence, to provide therapists and their patients with the hidden potential of the substances, which are revealed in our treatments and will be used to restore vital energy in a favorable balance of health.

In 2016, the laboratory Schmidt-Nagel ( a Swiss company), has acquired Homeodel and is now ready to write a new chapter of its story.